Traditionally, facility management has either been operated in-house (non-outsourced) or through an external partner using a management agent model.

The facility manager acted as a middleman by procuring services through third-party subcontractors on behalf of the client.


Using this traditional approach to facility management has not always been without consequences. In non-integrated models, where a company for example employs a catering supplier, a technical company and a cleaning provider to deliver and manage services, double functions commonly occur. These independent service suppliers and employees have neither the incentive nor the motivation to work together, so creating synergies is difficult – if not impossible.

Moving from traditional solutions to reliability, accountability and flexibility

In contrast to the traditional facility management models, the Integrated Facility Service model (IFS) uses a completely different delivery system. In this case, ISS takes direct responsibility for all or most of the services, which gives end-to-end control of all the people involved in delivering the services.


Adopting the IFS delivery creates leaner and more flexible solutions and eliminates the barriers between service functions that usually cause double functions. The management is more proactive as it is pushed as close to the end-user as possible, and as ISS delivers all or most of the services on site, there are no managerial gaps between the leadership and operational levels.

The team-based structure has just one layer of supervision and control, creating a much leaner and more efficient operating system, which is also more cost effective.

By reducing the number of subcontractors, an IFS solution furthermore helps reduce a company’s fixed costs as well as improves organisational flexibility while at the same time maintaining or improving the level of quality.

Providing better and more efficient service experiences will become the critical success factor for the future of Facility Management (FM). Visit our website to learn more about the ISS Integrated Facility Service model or discover How to deliver service excellence through purpose-lead leadership in a blog post written by the ISS Head of Group Marketing, Peter Ankerstjerne, who is responsible for developing the Integrated Facility Services (IFS).